Beyond Measure™ Multi-dimensional healing

Beyond Measure™ Multi-dimensional healing

- This is our most powerful and requested energy healing service.
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US$350 -- Apometry is a therapeutic practice that consists in the uncoupling and dissociation of the various subtle bodies that make up the human being. This is done through a sequence of mental energy commands performed by a trained healer. The treatment is sustained by deep love and is done together with the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is profound method of mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual treatment that can be applied to any person independent of religion or belief, with the aim of restoring the cure of imbalances that appear as unwanted behavior or illness. 

This booking is for one session of Apometric Dimensional Healing.
The window of time that Zé works is inside of a 24-hour period. He normally spends anywhere from 4 to 6 hours in actual active time spent doing this intensive work. (I had to post 5 hours due to this booking site's restrictions.) 

The fact that this is done at Distance means you don't have to take time out of your schedule to receive this powerful healing work. 

Zé will tune in, and find the spirit entities and energies that are most actively causing you problems. Your soul knows best what these issues are. 

The focus could be one of several issues: It could be for a Fragment Retrieval and Extraction or Spirit Release / or for heavy and dense work such as Implants and Chip Removal, Black Magic or Curse reversal / It could be Past Life Healing, or even a monthly scan and check-up, to make sure things are cleared and maintained. We treat various types of negative energies that are interfering in your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies.

After we receive your photos, your intake form, and your payment, Zé can begin the work by 8pm the next day. He dedicates 24 hours to do the work. The energies that are permitted to be removed and that can be removed or cleared will be dealt with. 

-On your side of things:

-place a jar of water by your bedside on the night of healing. This water is the bridge that Zé and the Hierarchy have for healing. Drink this water during the next day. -At night, try and use light colored clothing and bed linens. White is best. Do not eat red meat, or drink alcohol this night. 

Follow up sessions are highly HIGHLY recommended,,as healing is a process. And you making certain changes is part of this healing process. If not done, you might just attract the same energies back again, or even new ones. YOU make all the difference in your healing!

Special package pricing of 5 or 10 sessions can be offered. We can discuss this together to find something that works for you and us. <3 

I will give you a report via Messenger or email, at the end of the 24 hour period. 

We use the information you provide us, which is in the form of 7 photos and the answers from your intake form. 

Here is the link for instructions for photo taking: