• Light in the Darkness


  • Our vision

    Hello Beautiful Soul.


    Our mission is to help heal the pain and suffering of human life, as seen from the Soul’s point-of-view. And then to show you your OWN Power to move forward in your Soul’s planned mission in life.


    The Soul's natural desire is for evolution and ascension. We incarnate to this Earth with a plan in mind. Most of us lose sight of this plan due to the “veil of forgetfulness” that comes upon us after incarnating. We forget who we really are. We start identifying with our bodies instead of our souls.


    Life happens, woundings occur, protective shields and defenses are created.

    Damaging belief systems begin to be formed around our wounds. On top of all that,

    we have pressure to conform to social, family, and religious rules,not to mention the influence the media has on us! And this creates even more belief systems that many times, you consciously aren’t aware of!

    Yet they are GREATLY interfering in being who you REALLY ARE and DOING what you came here to do.


    Using the “tools in our toolbox”, Zé and I are able to see your inherent traits, your true tendencies, the Real You, hiding behind an unconscious mask. We can find the blocks that have been holding you back from living your true mission on Earth. Together we will find the roots of your pain, learn from them, and release them. We then offer our services in mentorship and guidance in helping you to continue on your new Journey......now confident in your own Personal Power.


    If you are ready to take a dive into deep healing, but would like to test the waters first, I offer a very low cost, 20 minute call. I can address your questions, and we can find out how we can help you feel better.


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    Chiromancy/ Palmistry

    Knowing ourselves: your unique Soul Map

    Almost all of our work entails a review of your palms. Click on the palm to see a video that explains how to take the pictures of your hands and face.

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    Evolution and Ascension

    Understanding ourselves and who we REALLY are...

    We offer classes, courses, and mentorship to help understand where and how we fit into the Earthplane and beyond.

  • Services

    Beyond Measure™ Multi-dimensional healing

    Beyond Measure™ Multi-dimensional healing

    - This is our most powerful and requested energy healing service.
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    Soul Map™ Reading, online call

    Soul Map™ Reading, online call

    -This is our flagship service for a very profound self analysis. Your soul's plan is written on the palm of your hand, and we interpret it's meaning for you.
    We use the information written in your palm for almost all of our work. With this very special reading, you will get all the information for your own use. Zé will use his 30 years of experience as a Chiromantist, and read your Soul's Map for you. He uses his intuitive gifts to go even deeper, and communicates with your guides to gather more information to assist you in your journey.
    Though the online reading lasts up to 1 1/2 hours, Zé spends another 2 hours or more involved in analysis before the call occurs.
    Here is the link with instructions on photo taking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j72-Iq6l9E4&t=3s
    And here is the online form to be filled out: https://fs2.formsite.com/highersoulhealing/form3/index.html
    Coming soon
    Intuitive Shadow Work

    Intuitive Shadow Work

    This work is with Kristen and can be in English or Portuguese.
    Together, we find Parts of you that are hiding inside, and learn how to integrate and love them.
    Coming soon
  • Who on Earth are we?

    I met Zé after "escaping" to Brazil after enduring the most awful, and hellish trauma: the suicide of my then husband. This caused me to try to take my own life, as this was the only answer I thought would help end the constant and agonizing pain....The profound help and loving care that I found in Zé, is what led me to start Higher Soul Healing. I wanted to share with the rest of the world that which I found here in Brazil: - Emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical healings.- The deep understandings of WHO I really am, WHY I'm here on the planet,and WHERE I was going once I leave my body.

    - Unconditional love on a scale way beyond what was taught in my Christian upbringing.


    Higher Soul Healing began in 2015, with me being the translator and interpreter for Zé and our English-speaking clients. And today, not only have I found my own unique spiritual gifts, where I am a full part of our Healing Team...but now, instead of just working with people online.. Zé treats clients in person here at our Retreat Cabin on a most beautiful beach,

    on the Magic Island in Brazil!

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    Kristen Hammer

    Intuitive Mentor, Empath and Medium. Teacher. Survivor of Suicide.


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    João José Fagundes (Zé dos Ventos)

    Intuitive Healer and Psychic Medium


  • Testimonials


    Clients' words..

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    “Kristen and Zé are the kind of people that will always believe you. The feelings you don’t understand, the not feeling centered in yourself, the fatigue that isn’t going away, the thoughts that aren’t yours…these are the knowings of healers, shamans, and mediums. Their gifts are precious and loving and you will come out your best self in the process. I can’t recommend them enough. My deepest gratitude!”


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    Melissa Haggart, Canada

    Soul Map ™ Reading

    “I consider myself extremely lucky to have received a Soul Map Reading by Kristen and José. This reading is long and very detailed, and addresses a number of aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and healing. I sincerely appreciate the amount of time and energy that both Kristen and Jose invested into creating this document for me, and I will re-read it many times, I’m sure!


    To be honest, I didn’t have any particular questions going into the reading, I was very open to just seeing what came up. I thought the reading would therefore end up being general as well. However, what I received was so personalized and special, that I actually felt like I was receiving a piece of magic! I learned a lot about myself and received many confirmations of things I suspected.


    This Soul Map Reading is highly recommended and I know you’ll receive many powerful insights through the experience, too!”

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    Christine M. , Canada

    Beyond Measure ™ Multi-dimensional Healing

    “I asked Kristen and Zé to work with our daughter who has been healing from anxiety and obsessive thoughts. The work was very powerful. My daughter has been lighter, brighter, happier and more open. It’s as if an enormous weight has been lifted from her spirit. And through my interactions with Kristen, I could feel their combined love and authenticity for both my daughter and their mission to help people heal energetically and spiritually.

    I highly recommend these love filled, gifted healers.”


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    Iffath Sajid Lotallah, www.iffath.com

    Soul Map ™ Reading


    “It was encouraging to know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for me. It was comforting to feel seen & heard, and really cared for. I felt as if Ze’ knew my whole life story before I even said a word. Not only could he see it, but I felt that he had become me, and he just had this knowing.


    You two work together beautifully and not just your interpretation but also your compassionate delivery helped the message to hit home. With the new awareness, I know I may not change my life instantly, but I can immediately start making better, more soul-aligned choices.


    You both are a blessing!”

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    Asha Frost, Canada

    Soul Map ™ + Reading Beyond Measure ™ Multi-dimensional Healing


    “Kristen and Ze are both extremely gifted and beautiful souls. They helped me through a time of darkness and reminded me of the light. I am forever grateful and highly recommend their work.”

    -Asha Frost

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    Crystal Waters, Canada

    Soul Map ™ + Reading Beyond Measure ™ Multi-dimensional Healing


    “Kristen and Ze are now long-term dear friends; feeling more like family. I was connected to these amazing healers to do some deep healing prior to having my second child. The program I went through was custom designed just for me and this pregnancy. The experience has not only change my life for the better, but both my children’s lives for the better also. I received information, tools, practices, and support which helped me break out of patterns which no longer serve me as an individual, a mother, a wife, a friend, a family member and as an entrepreneur/professional.


    The information and tools I now have, I will use for myself throughout my life, but also teach to my children to better handle life’s lessons. If you are looking for your purpose in life, these two can break down the barriers holding you back, help you identify the “whys” you have in your life, and truly support you in cleansing yourself to live your truth! And, if you’re pregnant, all the better timing to cleanse the junk, opening up to a fresh new life of mommahood!


    Working with Higher Soul Healing during this pregnancy has brought myself and this baby into an “out of this world” awesomeness I would never have gotten from anywhere else. Timing was perfect and being open to experience this abundance has taught me so much about myself and how to be. Starting this journey with my little boy with intention of sheer love, respect and utter excitement for the adventures our family will embark on is all I have in my heart and on my mind in this last month of pregnancy and going forward. I can’t wait to meet you two in person!


    Much love and thank you beyond words for your support and healing. Namaste.”

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    Shyla B., Canada

    Beyond Measure ™ Multi-dimensional Healing

    ”Working with Kristen and Ze has helped me feel more like me again. I feel more at peace. After working with them I felt more ME again than I have in a very long time.


    I had this chronic underlying anxiety that didn’t feel like mine… and it wasn’t… and it’s 100% gone since my first session with them. Their warmth and authenticity helped me to feel at ease. I would highly recommend them!”


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    Megan Pennington, Montreal, Canada

    Beyond Measure ™ Multi-dimensional Healing + Soul Map ™ reading

    “Kristen and Zé are amazing to work with. Very kind and gentle, patient and understanding. I find this really important given the type of work that they do. It was really essential, in order for me to get the most out of our sessions together, to be comfortable and open. I also needed to trust, and they made it very easy to feel safe and let go.


    Some of what I we discussed was information I’d received from other sources, which was a wonderful confirmation. I’m a person who really needs to understand why I’m feeling the way I do, before I can go to the next step of healing it. So the information regarding my past lives and current attachments to a certain individual in my life really helped me to let go of that person. We also worked on my tendency to “mother” and the strong urge to take care of everyone but myself, which lightened my feeling of responsibility and went a long way in allowing me to let go of that particular individual.


    A past love was the main reason for my decision to work with them, but in addition to that we discovered that I had a lot going on. Father stuff, other entities medling in my life, and so on. Zé is equipped to deal with these other entities and help them move on.


    I also learned about my son, where I’m originally from, who I really am as a light being, and so much more. It’s exciting and uplifting and empowering.

    It’s amazing to really FEEL different. I’ve done various healings and soul work on my spiritual journey, and this one was probably the most profound. It’s one thing to do inner work and gather information and understand certain things, but quite another to have a very strong burden actually removed in a single session. That’s what Kristen and Zé can do. It’s the closest thing to magic :)”



    One year later I booked another treatment:

    The Distance Spirit Release and Multidimensional Healing.

    Originally I wanted to have work done on my son, but Ze’s intuition stated that it was I who needed most of the work, so I did both. What an experience! I went from feeling very down all the time to re-energized and HAPPY. I was informed that I had a lot of lost fragments that had now been returned, and that my energy bodies were out of alignment. Work was done to bring me back into alignment. And I really felt it. I find it much easier now to access my own inner guidance, light, joy, groundedness, etc. Very powerful.

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    Carol Silveira, Brazil

    Empathic Healing Session

    “I would like to thank you for that conversation we had that day at the beach! I don’t know if you have any idea, but YOU CURED ME !!!

    Yes, since that day I no longer felt the panic episodes that I told you I had! I’m sure it was you, and I even wondered if you felt ok that day, because you must have absorbed my energies that day!

    Anyway, I hope one day I can make an appointment with you, because I believe in your power to heal and your understanding of this energetic world!

    Gratitude from my heart!”

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    Robyn Black, Canada

    Soul Map ™ reading

    “When I began speaking with Zé and Kristen, I wasn’t really sure what I would discover. But I was sure that I felt out of tune with my soul that was causing a sense of diminished fulfillment in my life. The voice of my soul brought to my ears through the kind and respectful approach of this wonderful couple has allowed me to develop personal practices through my now heightened level of self-awareness.


    The process has been clarifying and rewarding leading me on a path of personal growth and healing as I learn to live in tune with my soul, my true purpose. Thank you Zé and Kristen for sharing this gift of yours to help guide others toward a sense of clarity and connection with their souls.”

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    -Natalie J., Isle of Man

    Soul Map ™ reading Intensive

    “I just want to take some time to thank Kristen and Zé for a session I had with them.

    Explaining what we worked though is not as easy as they both have so much to offer, We started off the session with Zé asking my permission to look into my akashic records, he also asked my higher self if this was okay, then looking over some pictures I had sent of my hands, he took the time to dowse over the pictures to gain more information and clarity, he told me information about my future, about my connection with spirit and guides, about how it makes me feel, he talked about my journey to having a human experience here on earth.


    We came to the subject of my Dad passing over a few years previous, this for me is something very big, it devastated me, and for the 6 years since he passed it just got more and more difficult for me to deal with or even talk about. I was obviously finding it difficult, but both Kristen and Ze instantly knew to guide me to release the intensity with EFT, to the point where I could talk about it, they quickly could see that my Dad had not properly moved on, he was still here, protecting me in his way. They took the time to help him move on, to start his journey home, to show him it was not in his highest good to stay here. And he did, he moved on. With a lot of love, guidance and support from Kristen and Zé.


    This is such an incredible gift, the ability to help souls move on when they need, with love, I can not tell you how much this has done for me knowing he is without a doubt in a better place. Not only did they explain this all to me, but I felt it, not instantly, as the experience was intense and the emotions I went though were strong, but the day after I felt different, I huge sense of calm, peace and release came to me.


    I can talk about my Dad passing now, I know I am healing and not stuck, I don’t feel the overwhelming sense of loss the deep down fear of loss, which I did. Working with them is such a great experience, you feel instantly comfortable and their relationship is so lovely that it’s a joy to watch them work together. I would recommend working with them, they both have incredible gifts.


    Thank you Kristen & Zé xx xx”

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    Paige K., USA

    Soul Map ™ reading Intensive

    “I was lucky enough to have some serious & needed spiritual therapy this week. Nobody else could even begin to understand/comprehend what I went through. My soul is light. The heaviness in my soul is gone. I realized that my dad has been with me this whole time.


    Needless to say, I have crossed many bridges in the last two days, thanks to Kristen Hammer & her sweet loving man. My soul/being had been healed. I cannot fully explain, but all is right in the world. And I can finally let my dad go.. I didn’t realize he was here with me the whole time. In my own way, I trapped him here with my sorrow. I released that, although it hurt so much.


    I still miss him, but in a very healthy, loving way.”

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    Surinder Martine Baudouy, Canada

    Soul Map ™ reading Intensive

    Soul Map ™ reading: “My question was answered by this lovely couple and the energy was light, fun and family-like, while remaining professional and clear. Zé has access to many dimensions and was very open to my clarification questions.”

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    Jordan Sweidan


    "While in Buenos Aires Argentina, I met someone who was able to tell me what my parents, girlfriend and best friend looked like and what their personalities were like without me ever telling them anything about them. And none of them are on my social media accounts so there's no way she could have looked them up before meeting her. I asked her where do I learn to do this and she said I need to see a teacher


    I asked in a Facebook group where to find teachers/healers like this and someone recommended Kristen. Long story short I looked at the website and booked the multi-dimensional healing package.


    I've struggled with certain addictions that are too personal to talk about in this review. Every time I'd relapse it always felt like my body and brain were being controlled. But the conscious awareness/soul part of me never wanted to do it again. 

    Zé detached the spirits from my etheric body or whatever the name is called. And since then (it's been nearly a month since the first session) I've literally not relapsed once or had the slightest urge to. It was the closest thing to a silver bullet to solving my problems. And it's so crazy how 99.99% of people aren't aware of this type of healing work.


  • HSH

    Are we the right healers for you?

    It's important that we all be on the same page..and feel comfortable with one another.

    • Working together is RIGHT for you if:

      You are committed to your healing and personal growth.

      You feel ready to work on the deeper emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life.

      You are committed to taking action and doing your part of the work during our time together.

      You take full responsibility for your own health and wellness.

      You are open-minded about spiritual matters and new ideas, and enjoy allowing Spirit to guide the sessions.

      You are patient and understanding with other languages and cultures.


      Working together is NOT right for you if:

      You have strict religious beliefs and believe they are the only truth.

      You are looking to passively receive healing, and are unwilling to do your part of the healing work.

      You are not open to and are unwilling to let go of old, limiting belief systems.

      You are contracting us purely out of curiosity and do not take spiritual work seriously.

      You need things lined out in exact steps, with specific timelines and following a protocol.




  • Connect With Us

    Choose the way you feel best in contacting us..

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  • FAQ

    Common Questions

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    What photos do I need to send for healings or readings?

    This step is very important to gather details imprinted in your palms.

    Watch video I made that explains exactly what we need. Click on the hand to watch. -> -> ->


    Digital Photo Requirements for a Soul Map™ Reading:

    Three pictures of both hands and a headshot are required for our work. Please watch the video BEFORE you take the pictures.


    (Other Tips for Photos):


    – The hands need to be well lit, but not too brightly, otherwise the lines will be washed out. Soft side lighting usually shows the most details. Daylight is the best.

    – Make sure the camera is perpendicular to the hand, so that the length of the fingers is not distorted.

    – Do not get the camera too close to the hand, which may make the picture fuzzy or distorted. Make sure before sending that they are clear when you zoom in.

    – Your photos should be large enough to show details (minimum width of 1000 pixels), but make sure that your whole email is no more than 10 megabytes.


    Please send three photos of BOTH hands AND your head shot to highersoulhealing@gmail.com Also please inform us which is your dominant hand. There should be a total of seven pictures. Sent in the same email. Watch the video before sending.


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    Where are the points for EFT?

    Tapping Points and How -to.

    In some of our sessions, we use EFT to help you get relief from a strong emotion that might come up. Because we might ask you to tap on these points with us on the call, please watch this EFT video. Click on the image to the right. -> -> ->


    Emotional Freedom Technique is a meridian therapy that can be done by yourself at home, or in a group session(in person or long distance.)


    You do not need a therapist to do this, but you need to be taught how to do it. Some issues have too strong of an emotional charge, and is is wise to have someone to help you through the process. There are many varieties of EFT. What we mostly use is a simplified version that tends to work very well.


    EFT is a wonderful way to clear internal energies and emotions. It even works on physical pain and eliminating old belief patterns. Having said that, I do not recommend tapping ALL of your emotions away. Emotions are communication from your body, and we need to listen to what it is telling us before trying to "get rid of it". I recommend this for overpowering emotions where you can't seem to think straight. After you knock down the intensity, you can later revisit these emotions and do deeper healing work, such as Shadow Work.

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    How do I book with you?

    We use a separate booking system.

    Click on the image to the right to be taken to our booking page, which has descriptions of each service. As our work is constantly evolving, and each client has their own unique needs, we can create a just-for-you package, as well; just ask us. <3

    How can I work with you in person?

    Come to our Rustic Retreat Cabin in Brazil

    The video to the right is our trailer video. We are working on making another which will show more about the exact location and cabin. We offer personal retreats, public retreats, family stays with or without Higher Soul Healing energy healing work.

    This is located in the south of Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina. The island is known as "The Island of Magic".. (Ilha da Magia) aka Florianópolis or simply Floripa.

    We are on one of the most pristine beaches in the south of the island, where no cars or vehicles are allowed in. Access is on foot only. As such, this is a perfect environment away from the hustle and bustle. Perfect for reflection and healing..

  • HSH messages

    Thoughts, stories, and ruminations.

    December 31, 2018
    (translated to English) Hello beautiful soul. I am João José Fagundes, known affectionately as Zé dos Ventos, or just Zé. I am a medium, instructor, and counselor. I am the father of two children, friend, brother, and husband. I wake up every morning and ask myself, Father/Mother God, where...
    December 31, 2018
    Almost 13 years ago, after my first husband took his life, I entered the darkest, most horrifying, and lonely place that one could ever imagine. No words in any language exist to describe the torment I was under. I saw more than a dozen different therapists tried almost that many anti-depressive...
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