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Kristen's Story

Almost 13 years ago, after my first husband took his life, I entered the darkest, most horrifying, and lonely place that one could ever imagine. No words in any language exist to describe the torment I was under.

I saw more than a dozen different therapists tried almost that many anti-depressive drugs, that were pretty much pushed on me. They made my symptoms of severe depression and suicidal thoughts even worse. I was a guinea pig in all of this, with chemical cocktails in my system.

Talk therapy didn’t work, even Cognitive Behavioral Therapy did not work, tough love, EMDR, and on it went, each therapist with a different technique that just HAD to work… only they didn’t. Sure, it was nice to have someone to talk to, because at that time I was living ALL ALONE. Yes, I lived in an apartment, all alone, in hell.

Moving to Brazil was an escape for me. I was clinging to a tiny thread trying to save my life, trying to keep going… because I tried to die, and I couldn’t “do it”… so I had to live.

Then I met Zé, who became my husband. He showed me the way out, and it wasn’t anything that traditional psychology would do. There were several things that ended up helping me, but what helped me MOST was identifying and ACCEPTING that my late husband was still with me. The torment that he was still suffering was affecting me every time he got close to me… which was most of the time.

On top of understanding that his spirit lived on, that HE still lived on, in utter torment, I actually physically FELT a burning pain in my head, (where he shot himself) with an accompanying emotional/mental symptom of not just “I want to die”.. But I NEED TO FUCKING DIE NOW!” This was an almost constant feeling: mental torment, with no relief.

Until there was.

Zé took me to a spirit center where one’s “obsessor” is incorporated in a medium… I went there, not necessarily believing, but at that point open to anything.. I just wanted the hellish mental, emotional, and physical pain to go away.

To make a long story short, in that room, upon me standing up and facing back to back with one of the mediums.. and after placing my palms against her palms.. I was then told to touch the back of my head with the back of her head.. and ZAAAAPPP… WhOOOSH… An immense and heavy and tangible energy left from my head and went into her.

Suddenly I felt free!! RELIEF!!! I could think, and actually BREATHE!! I turned around to see this medium now in agony, holding the “spirit”, which was Lance… in her own aura. He was guided into a recovery center in the spiritual realm for healing(that’s another story).

That day, after feeling the most relief I had felt since he died… after realizing that most of my old traditional religious beliefs must be wrong… after all of this happened…. I turned to Zé and told him: If this is what mediumship can do for people, to free them like this, then I accept this mission and I am willing to serve as a medium for other spirits that are desperate for help.

From that day on I have been receiving spirits who have lost their way… who are still suffering.. who are even HURTING the ones that they stay attached to. I later found that there is a term for this: Spirit Releasement.

My husband Zé and I do this work as part of our healing therapy. And I can say without a single doubt, that this therapy works! One can do all the traditional therapy in the world and not have lasting and immediate results! If your physical, mental, or emotional symptoms are caused by an entity that is attached to you, YOU are no longer the client… It is the spirit that needs to be loved and guided on. In doing so, you also will be relieved of the symptoms that weren’t even yours in the first place! These spirits are not demons or devils, they are souls, just like you and I, that got lost and need help finding their way back home.

We do Spirit Releasement in our Beyond Measure ™ Distance Healing Sessions. You can find this on our Booking Page.