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Zé's Story

(translated to English)

Hello beautiful soul.

I am João José Fagundes, known affectionately as Zé dos Ventos, or just Zé.

I am a medium, instructor, and counselor. I am the father of two children, friend, brother, and husband. I wake up every morning and ask myself, Father/Mother God, where can I serve you today according to your will? Afterwards I start my day. I follow the flow of life.

But to get to where I am today, which has been more than a half century of life, I have cried a lot, have had behavioral addictions, and wanted to give up on life. Deep down inside, I knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel. As the I Ching says, “Perseverance will carry you to success.” I have persevered and I continue persevering in life and in the quest of new knowledge, and to be more and more in communion with the Divine Hierarchy, in this Universe where we live.

If you are reading this today, it is because the Divine Hierarchy wants you to wake up to the grandeur of your soul, wants you to manifest your commitment which you took on before coming to this life. The environment, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, or other external influences such as Fallen Angels or Dark Force Energies haven’t allowed you to awaken to a new reality.

When a soul arrives here, the veil of forgetfulness manifests anywhere from 85% to 95%. You don’t remember who you are or where you came from. We are subject to this forgetfulness and subject to entering the karmic wheel of life on this planet. Many souls acquired karma and are stuck in this karmic wheel of life. Knowing where you come from and where you are going is so important.

The Hierarchy uses channels to wake up these souls. My function as a awakened soul is to wake up other souls to their pre-planned commitments here, and to manifest the splendor and recognition of our Creator, where love naturally flows.

It is time to break this cycle of reincarnation where we are stuck as a soul. Let’s move on to better worlds and help to better this planet. We can walk together on this path, where in this difficult moment of your life, I can use my strength, which I have been given, to carry that overloaded and heavy backpack that has been weighing you down. I’ll be there with you in this tough part of your journey…carrying this weight for you..just for a bit, until you can catch your breath, and continue your journey with more courage, discernment, and determination.

Much love to your heart. May it be complete and full of personal power in this journey that we are walking. You alone are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Allow yourself to be the light of the candle that expands to the Universe. Go onward free of your old beliefs. Open your heart to the grandeur of the Father/Mother Universe. You are as a seed of the stars.

I am here to serve. I leave you now, joyfully in love and light, in the power and in the peace of the infinite Creator.


Zé dos Ventos